Once again the room is dimly lit by candles. Ahmad's Blues is playing softly in the background. Ahmad Jamal is my favourite jazz pianist. Jazz is like life, because it doesn't resolve.

Today is a good day. I worked pretty much all day and now I'm resting. We had a team lunch over Zoom which lasted about an hour and 15 minutes. It's nice to be on a call and not talk about work. I think that lunch made me feel much better, I needed it. I feel way more energetic now and I had barely slept last night. I think that I will sleep much better tonight.

I made macaroni and cheese for supper. I hadn't had that in a while, it was really good. I feel way more intuitive today than I have in weeks. I need to spend more time sitting in candle lit rooms and just thinking like I used to do so often. I feel happy, I feel very happy. I like feeing happy. I wish I hadn't run out of Coke, I feel like having a Cuba Libre right now.

Today I learnt from an engineer on our team that Estonia has the most tech-savvy government and that they were paying taxes online since 1997. I would have never known, 99% of their public services are available online 24/7. Their physical ID cards are even paired to digital signatures which allow them to vote online and check their health care records. You can open a company without living there and they're also launching a visa for digital nomads. Google it, this country is doing some amazing stuff.

Yeah, I think that's about it for today. I'm gonna check out Twitter for a bit and do some reading online but I'm trying to limit screen time. Hope you've had an awesome day.