It's been a good week. I feel slightly drained. Got lots done this week and things are looking good for next week. We're making a huge infrastructure change because certain data can only be transmitted, stored and accessed in certain different regions. American legal stuff is always so complicated (and makes things way more expensive), I understand very little but I want to learn more about their legal systems. Glad to be part of something like this though, I like situations that aren't normal. In all the years I've been in tech, I've never learnt as much as when I need to do something for non-tech reasons or when something has gone horribly wrong. I'm glad that things don't go horribly wrong anymore.

Yesterday I mentioned that I had to watch the movie which I had to act out today, I still haven't watched it yet but I managed to do a bad performance of it and someone guessed the right answer. Right now I'm just sitting on the couch and listening to music. I made sandwiches for supper, I didn't feel like cooking because I wasn't very hungry. I also still have food in the fridge from last night. Maybe I'll eat it later if I'm still awake. I have nothing planned for this weekend, I think I'm just gonna rest.

She's interesting. I can't wait to watch her perform tomorrow, when she performs you can see that she loves what she does. You can see it in her eyes. I think I can help her go digital in ways she couldn't imagine and she will have the best product out there but I think that getting involved in her work, even if it's a favour, may not be the right thing to do. This is just based off my intuition though. Maybe I'll just design something later if I can't sleep just because... And it will probably stay on my laptop unless I change my mind.

I've been thinking a lot about the future and I think that it's gonna be good. I'm working hard to make sure it is. I still don't think I'm at the top of my game like I used to be a couple of years ago. This is because life happened and there was loads of shit to deal with. I'd say I'm only at around 85% of my full potential now but I'm gonna be at 100% by the end of this month, I've started taking steps to get there already. I think that everything is gonna be just perfect.

This weekend I wanna write a member-only article about how to start a tech company. All based off my own experiences. This will cover everything from when an idea pops into your head to hiring, culture, tooling, processes, etc. I may not be the right person to speak about this but I'm only ever trying to help a single person when I speak about this stuff, I'm not trying to be the next best SME guru with a cult following. I'd rather not have people take my words as the gospel because I often change my mind. It's important to change your mind if you have new information that changes how you thing. This change should always be for the better though.

Here's a quote to help you get through lockdown:

"We learn more in crisis than in comfort"
- Abhijit Naskar

I think that writing everyday helps me a lot. It helps me be sane, to forget about how bad this pandemic is and to ignore all the bullshit on Twitter. To be patient for what's about to come, to be patient and trust that in love all will be well. It also just helps me to relax. Suited by Shekhinah just came on, I love this song.

Hope you're all doing well and are happy. Have an awesome weekend, do what you need to do to feel good. Don't kill yourselves, wash your hands and wear masks if you go out. Don't stress about anything, all will be well.