It's 11:41 PM and I'm wide awake. Today was good. I'm happy that I'm having lots of good days.

I woke up a bit late today then I had brunch and did the laundry. I'm so glad I cleaned the floors during the week, it freed up a lot of time today. I've just been relaxing most of the day and started working on a side project in the afternoon, the one I wrote about yesterday. I decided to just see what I can do. Right now I have a REST API with authentication, authorisation and an admin portal working. All tests are green, maintainability is an A and test coverage is over 90%. The pipeline super strict, even an unused translation won't make it through. I like having strict quality control in place, it's a good habit to have. I also created repos for the web app, iOS app and Android app but the quality isn't at the standard I want it to be yet. I'll work on getting that sorted tomorrow, then I'll start writing API features and integrating them into the web and mobile apps. I think with another 40 - 60 hours everything will be completed. I like building side projects in my spare time, it keeps me "sharp".

Life seems so normal now, I'm not even frustrated by being at home all the time. I actually don't mind it. I watched her performance today, she doesn't even need a fancy setup to put on a show. She's super talented and a hard worker. She's will stay at the top for a long time and help many other people get there.

There's a lot going on at the moment and so many people have been dishing out advice on social media. I wonder how many people actually practice what they preach. It's nice to see some people still making the best of it though and making ends meet or improving their lives. It's always cool when people take the initiative to learn and do things on their own. So many people these days feel entitled. They feel that after a long day of work you need to teach them what you know, or you need to give them money, or you need to help them with their work or other projects, etc. The truth is, they would get more help if they spent an hour on Google researching everyday. Nobody owes you anything, I don't understand why so many people think that others do. They're just frustrated because things aren't going right for them and they want other people to fix it. The sad part is hardly anybody will want to help because of this frustration.

It's already midnight, that was fast. I can't believe that after two weeks we will be in the second half of this year. This year is going so much better than last year and I'm so very grateful. I still can't believe that I'm having the best year of my life even during a global pandemic.

Here's a quote I like:

"I cursed the fact that I had no shoes until I saw the man who had no feet..."
- Ancient Persian proverb

Hope everything is good wherever you're reading this from. There's opportunity always, even now but don't be gullible. Think carefully, question people's motives and use intuition to make decisions. I'm doing pretty good at writing every day, huh? Maybe one day people will be interested and I'll turn the documentation of my life into a book. Or maybe they won't be and I'll turn it into a book anyway, a single copy for myself.