It's 11:00 PM and I've just finished cleaning the floors. I decided to do it tonight so I have less chores on the weekend. I think I'll get up really early tomorrow and do a load of laundry too.

I'm laying on my bed, on my left side facing the windows while balancing my face on my palm and the rest of my weight on my elbow. Today was a good day. I cooked green beans for supper, I love green beans. I feel a little tired but not tired enough to sleep. In my mind I'm trying to decide whether to grow my beard or shave it, I'm not sure...

Work was good. Been doing lots of QA work and so far everything is good. I love doing QA work on our software, the user experience is great. So great that even when something goes wrong I'm not frustrated. I know our users love our software, there's very few companies who put out this level of quality. We're playing Charades during our remote social tomorrow. Each of us has to act out part of a scene from a movie. I don't watch many movies, so naturally the movie I was given is one I've never watched. It is a popular one though and I've heard of it many times. I wanted to download it tonight and watch it but when I searched I found out that there are many sequels, so I'll just get up in the morning and pick one to watch while I do my laundry before work. I used to act a lot when I was a kid, I don't think I'm good at it now. I was often the lead or supporting role in Sunday school or junior youth plays. There's VHS tapes of it somewhere, I think my dad might still have them.

She's put out more work during lockdown than anyone else in her industry. This is impressive, I like people with good work ethic. She's also just really talented and as someone who is also talented and creative, I'm glad I can chat to her. I love speaking to people who always strive to do their best and master their craft. I love people who absolutely love what they do.

Instead of random thoughts, here's a Bible verse again today. What's up with me and the scriptures these days. This is one of my favorite verses, I like the words used in the New King James Version.

The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, to the soul who seeks Him.
- Lamentations 3:25

I've heard the verse before this many times in church but I only heard verse 25 a few years ago and I've never forgotten it. The context is not difficult to understand and with daily seeking of God, life will never be the same.

I'm feeling a lot better about the lockdown now, I guess I've accepted that this is how life will be for a while and that it's never going to be exactly like it was for years. This is fine, there's still lots of ways to be happy and also to achieve goals. I'm thinking of starting to do member only content too, so if you read regularly please fill in your email in the subscription form and click the activation link. It's free of charge. This content will be on various topics and kind of be a combination of all I've learnt over the years in courses, from life lessons and from wise people. There's gonna be some good member-only stuff, like proper edited articles and no random thoughts, etc. Also a weekly newsletter. I've already setup everything last weekend. I really wanna put out quality content and write about stuff that people can learn from. Anyway, good night (or good day), hope you're having a great one and staying safe. Lots of love!