If I don't act now I will be setting myself up for morning beginning with chronic medication in my old age. I'm not healthy, I haven't been for a while.

My smart scale got delivered today. I've never used one of these before and I find it really simple to use and I love that it links to my phone so I don't have to manually record the data. It not only measures weight but also a few other things. I was shocked to discover that my weight and other measurements are way higher than I thought they were. Here are my measurements as of 8:26 PM tonight:

Weight: 98kg
BMI: 36.9
Body Fat: 36.0%
Body Water: 46.2%
BMR: 1724Kcal
Metabolic Age: 36

My goal is to be at 65kgs by December with about 12% - 16% of body fat. It seems impossible but I've you know me you will know my story of how I lost 13kgs in a month in January of 2016 by eating only vegan food. I'm going to be doing something similar this time but I may eat some meat because I don't wanna take vitamin B12 pills like I did the last time. Also, in 2016 I didn't know about Moringa. Moringa works like magic! Last year I think I dropped about 7kgs in a week just by making a Moringa tea each morning. This time I won't use honey in it and instead will only use Moringa powder and water. Also, I'm not just going to be eating any vegetables, I'm going to have mostly alkaline foods which will help neutralise my body. So mostly stuff from Dr. Sebi's Nutritional Guide. As much as diet is important, weight loss also begins in the mind. My fitness journey will help my mental health and my mental health will help my fitness journey.

My goal for this week is to lose 3kgs and get my body water percentage to at least 52%. I think that's a realistic goal. I will post my numbers each day and keep you folks updated. I'm also going to post what I ate and drank, maybe my sleeping pattern too. All I need to do is stick with this for a week and then I'll be successful, I know it. I also have another "trick" up my sleeve, something I haven't done before but I will write about that when I commence. If you need to get on a wellness journey, what better time than now to start?