It's 12:04 AM and I'm laying in bed. I have my headphones on and Fall For Your Type by Jamie Foxx and Drake is playing. There's a ray of light shining through where the curtains aren't closed properly.

I fixed all the regression and job tests I was battling to fix last week. I tried my best to block out everything and do deep work today, I wasn't 100% successful and my thoughts still wondered and I thought about her but I'm making progress and being productive so I guess that's a start. I also started doing my first course since I dropped out of university. I basically have to start all over again because I did nothing during the lastvtwo terms and failed. I really don't like reading digital material and being forced to read what I can learn without reading but I also want a degree because it will be beneficial should I ever leave South Africa.

I thought that this week was gonna be really bad but it started off well, I hope that the reat of the week is the same. Alicia Keys finally did a Tiny Desk concert and I watched it this evening. I love all ther small and intimate performances. She ended with the best version of Fallin' I've ever heard.

I gained some weight but it's only like a couple hundred grams. My moods haven't improved that much, I'm basically just shutting out my feelings. It's not a long term solution but it works for now. I'm gonna crash so hard, I've already started compiling my heartbreak playlist... Unfoolish by Ashanti just started playing, I can't remember the last time I heard this song and it's kinda fitting right now :)

It seems to be much warmer than last week, I hope it keeps getting warmer. One of the reasons I like living here is because the weather is mostly good. Vehicle licences are valid until the end of August if they expired during the lockdown. I'm glad about that, I wasn't looking forward to waiting in line at the post office to renew the licence for my parents' car and then figuring out how to send it to KZN. I tried downloading the reninder from the eNATIS website today but I kept getting timeout errors, I guess I should have expected that...

Yesterday night I discovered a YouTube chanel called Bald and Bankrupt, it's about this dude who travells to countries people don't usually travel to. Really interesting content, check it out. Hope y'all doing well, I'm not really but I'll be fine. Staying of social media and minimal chatting seems to be helping a little. Have and awesome Tuesday!