Micro businesses are the future and the ones who are on their phones the most will succeed.

I've worked in a couple of large companies, a few small ones and run my own business for a while. It's strange how each type of business expects the other to think the same way. I've come to the realisation that I shouldn't give advice unless absolutely necessary and be very careful who I take advice from. One of the reasons is because I simply don't know people well enough. I don't know their background, their story and how they were conditioned to live.

Because of this realisation and my lack of social media use, I can't preach to entrepreneurs and other people online or at events. I had to find another way, a way to help millions of people live better lives without telling them what to do. And now I've found that.

Thuba started following me on Twitter over a year ago (or maybe two years, I'm not sure) and we chatted often via tweets and direct messages. Eventually we met and since then we have been friends. He reminds me so much of myself when I was his age. We've chatted about many business ideas but have never executed any because we knew that they didn't add enough value. However, a few months ago we had a brilliant idea and started researching immediately. Now after about four months of research we've come up with a solution, one that will enable micro businesses to operate more efficiently and poor people to better manage money. And if what I have in my head works, traditional banks all across Africa will have to adjust their offerings because nobody will want to use them.

The problem with developing such an awesome and highly available system is that it costs lots of money and time. We don't have much money and we literally only work on this when we have spare time on the weekend because we have too much work in our usual day jobs but that will change soon. We are also careful who we will take money from in futre (if we do) because investors without the same goal will break our business. As a result of these lack of finances, we've decided to enter every hackathon we can and do our best to win. This will give us the money we need and also allow us to be exposed to other business networks.

This weekend will be our first hackathon and we will be building something pretty awesome. Stay posted for a preview during the event or shortly after. We believe that in Africa, the mobile phone is going to play a major part in business, especiall y micro businesses so we're making it easier for people to use them for this purpose. The difference between these people succeeding by constantly using their cell phones and many other people is focus. Most people use their smart phones for social media, while many micro business owners  use theirs to research, make payments and recieve payments. If you are easily distracted anything will distract you. If you are not, you can do much more in less time.

To be continued (my eyes can't stay open)...