It's noon. I can see through the curtains that it's bright and sunny outside but inside me it feels dark and stormy... I'm not getting out of bed. I just wanna curl up and go to sleep for the rest of my life.

I know she was the one but now we will probably never speak again. All over something so litte that should never have been a problem. I feel sad. I feel so sad. I haven't felt this sad in years, I didn't know I could still feel this way. My phone is on 4%, I don't know if I'll finish writing this. I feel sick. I feel mad at myself. I don't think I'm ever gonna share my life with anyone the way I want to. Nobody else would be loved the same way by me.

We don't get to choose to come into this world and then we still have to deal with so much while we live in it. Maybe the doctors were right, maybe my parents should have had me aborted. I would kill myself but I'm not crazy enough to do that and I know that my life will be a success oneday according to my own definition of success, so just let me have my moment.

I don't ever wish another person to feel this way ever. If anyone is reading this, learn how to be real with people and don't hate on them when they're real with you. Everyone is so fake and people treat other people so bad. By the time they're ready to change their life they're so fucked up from their past relationships that it affects all future ones negatively. I'm so sad. My battery is on 1%, I'm going back to sleep.