Many young entrepreneurs and employees preach to their friends about hustling, I was one of them. Until I realised that hustle is just hard work done stupid.

The origin of the word hustler dates back to 1825. It was and is used to describe criminals and prostitutes. Basically, people who are out working while everyone else sleeps, and in their world if you're not working you're not getting paid. Often these are people who would do fraudulent and illegal deals, and sadly this too seems to be the case for many modern day businessmen. The worst part of it is that the hustlers of today are able to spread their teachings far and wide through the internet and more and more young people are becoming brainwashed. Ever noticed how they will never hire an old person? Or how everyone of them is a self appointed guru in their industry? There's reasons for all of this.

Anyway, back on topic. Hustling promotes long hours or work everyday with minimal rest, which is mostly driven by fear and self doubt. Fear that you aren't good enough so you stay up every night to make up for your lack of skills or knowledge, often not learning anything new or doing anything productive in that time. You should always measure how much you got done instead of how hard you worked. Inefficiency is not something to brag about, and it never will be. In order to perform to the best of your abilities you need to consume foods and liquids that are good for you, get adequate sleep and learn the fundamentals of what you want to know instead of jumping straight in.

Many people who hustle do it because they want to someday be successful. Regardless of what their definition of success is, hustling won't get them there because hustling is not habit forming. You need to invest in the fundamentals of whatever you're doing until you can perform those tiny tasks flawlessly each time. Then only do you move onto bigger tasks and master them. Hustling might get you a bit of traction but can never get you sustainable success. Hustle forgets the big picture. Instead of slowly working towards your goal and gaining steady growth, you're "failing fast" and burning out. If you are over worked you will under perform. And during this time you might get somewhere, but is it where you want to go?

So what's the solution? I think it would be to treat your mind, soul and body with respect by taking the time necessary to rest and recharge. Change bad habits into good ones. Limit your use of mobile devices. And most importantly, build good relationships with people who genuinely care instead of ones who simply pretend. You become like the people you spend time with, so choose wisely. Also, if you want to learn how to do something learn the fundamentals and get it right, then master the next step. There's a reason you need hard skills to build good products. You can have a team (working on anything) who has the best attitude and works well together but if they don't have the aptitude to learn, they will fail to reach their goals. Positivity can only get you to do what needs to be done, it can't do it for you.

Next time you want to hustle, think about what you want to achieve and what's the best way to do it. I can guarantee you that whatever your goal (or definition of success) may be, you will get there faster if you choose to prevent failure instead of chase success.