Today a friend invited me to a meeting with someone very influential (I won't say who) in the South African creative industry.

We talked about the platform he is busy building, his future plans, past work and how his soon to be launched product will add value to the creative industry. The conversation also got deeper and more personal and I was reminded that things always look great from the outside but sometimes it's not actually that way. Still, I admire this person for carrying on through their hardships and being open and honest about their situation. It's a lesson I needed to be reminded of. Also, a lot of things he said about himself sounded exactly like he was describing me, I'm amazed.

What a cool guy, I know of some of his past success and from the preview I saw of his new product, I know that it will be even more successful. He's definatly going to add massive value for thousands of creatives and for agencies just like he has done before.

I'm grateful I get to meet such cool and popular people whether planned or not. It's always interesting to see what their lives are like when they aren't on stage or in front of many people. I always learn something from them.