It's 6:58 AM, a bit early but I felt like writing. I've been up since about an hour ago. I'm sitting on the couch while the washing machine is spinning continuously, cleaning my linen.

I slept really well last night, I love having good sleep. I feel really good right now, a little hungry but good. Once the washing machine is done I think I'll have a shower and then make breakfast. I like full english breakfasts, I almost never eat cereal and if I'm not at home when it's time for breakfast I'll usually have a wrap or a sandwich. Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day, I have no idea why my dad and many other people think this. Maybe they all just fell for Dr. John Harvey Kellogg's marketing when he invented Corn Flakes. I think I'll make some scrambled eggs, a couple of pork sausages and a piece of fried tomato, I've run out of my usual breakfast ingredients so I probably need to do an order in a couple of hours or on Monday morning.

I feel like listening to music. Lemme find something nice on Spotify, be right back. Okay, I'm back! I'm listening to Tourist by Athlete. It's the first song on my Feel good (or bad) music playlist. I'm typing this on my laptop instead of my phone. When I listen to music during the day its usually through my company laptop, the speakers on the Macbook Pro are far superior to these on the Macbook Air. On Saturdays I usually watch documentaries on Youtube. I love the Reel Truth Science Documentaries channel, specifically the Engineering Connections with Richard Hammond - Science Documentary Series. It alway blows my mind to see where designers get their inspiration from. Speed of Sound by Coldplay just started playing. I love Coldplay, how can you not love them?

It's already 7:23 AM, how is time moving so quick? I thought about working on a side project today but I don't think I will. I should call my dad just now, I'll do it once breakfast is done. I'm also going to do some more writing this weekend on some important topics. The Way We Get By by Spoon is playing! I love this song so much since I first heard it on The O.C. If you're reading this, have a good day. I hope you have everything you need and are staying safe.