Happy 4th of July if you're American! It's 11:34 AM. I'm laying in my bed and I feel a million times better than the rays of sunlight shining through my bedroom windows and penetrating into my soul. It's a beautiful day, what great time to be alive.

I haven't been writing much this week. Even though I want to have a record of how I feel everyday sometimes there are more important things to do. This week sleep and assignments have been way more important. I usually battle to sleep but I've been having pretty good sleep this week, I think that I slept through most of the night every day. I also woke up early in the morning yeaterday and the day before to complete and submit assignments. My university is American so the midnight cut off times for submissions is early in the morning in South Africa. I've been using social media very little and just spending that time being alone with my thoughts, listening to music and reading online or watching YouTube videos that teach me stuff. I feel amazing. I feel so well rested and my mind is so clear. From the beginning of the month I've been eating vegan food only and I feel amazing. I feel much more energised and I just feel happier. I also got my packs of smoothie mixes and blender that I ordered earlier this week. The smoothies are so delicious!

I think that today I'm gonna do my usual daily chores and just read or watch a movie. I don't remember when was the last time I watched a movie, I don't watch television much... I'm also going to do a little more research on micro-dosing and maybe try to connect with some people who have done this so I can get their opinions.

It feels a bit weird to not get up and cook breakfast everyday but it also feels better. I think I'm gonna make myself a berry blaze smoothie after I write this, I bought 50 packs so that's roughly about 2 per day for the month and it's around the cost of buying 10 smoothies in a restuarant. I think this is pretty cool since these are the same mixes that the restaurants use (some of their customers are listed on the So Smooties website if you wanna look). They also sell vegatable boxes, I think I'm gonna order those too. I wish I could get weights but everyone is out of stock and only has the non-adjustable ones.

The sun is so warm, I like the feeling. I miss taking spontanious trips to the beach, that's the only thing missing in Joburg. I wish we had a beach here, even if it was man made. I just realised that I'm wearing my headphones but I don't have any music playing, I like how it drowns out the ambient noise and I love the silence.

If you're reading this, have an awesome day! Eat healthy, stay safe, wear a mask or simply stay at home if you can. Don't forget to pray for you and your loved ones and spread loving energy :)