It's 9:47 PM. I just completed my first assignment and other tasks and I'm full of energy! Last night I slept a bit early and throughout the night, I feel amazing! Sleep is so important.

I'm glad I finished my assignment and submitted it on time. My friend who referred the University to me is doing the same degree and I helped him with one of his previous assignments last year so I have a good idea of what to expect and the first year seems pretty easy. I'm really looking forward to having my bachelors degree in four years. My university is American so I'm probably gonna skip masters and just do a PhD afterwards because there are many benefits of doing this.

This week has been productive so far regarding work and I'm getting things done everyday which feels great compared to last week. I'm also loosing weight and feeling much better which is great! Last night I was watching Jay Pharoh videos for most of the evening until I slept, I love his sense of humour. And he's got bars!!!

I think I'm not gonna buy any meat for next month and I'm gonna go full vegan. I wanna be down at least 15kgs by the end of next month. I think that's a realistic goal, I've done a drop of 13kgs in a month before by eating vegan food only and running everyday. I'm probably gonna cancel my gym membership, I'm not gonna risk being around so many people and risk getting the Corona Virus. I think it's especially important to not go to places that are too crowded now since it's winter and you can never know for sure if someone has the flu or if it's more serious.

I hope I get a full night's sleep again today, I wanna feel good again tomorrow too. It's our off-site on Friday, which means at least 6 hours of video calls since we can't all go out together. I'm excited that we will be planning again for the next quarter, I think we achieved quite a bit this quarter and can achieve even more in the next. I love that we spend so much time planning what we're going to do and then do extensive testing when we finally build. I've worked for companies where I've been forced to not do this so that "we could scale fast and pivot". I'd rather do things the right way, it takes longer initially but you have a solid product and need less people doing support work.

If you've read this far, I hope you have an awesome day! Spoiler alert: I may be annoyingly happy for the next week, it's amazing what sleep and being in my own mind less can do for my moods. I've also been able to do deep, focused work and this is when I always do my best work. I live a lot in my mind but I also live in the real world, it's like the best of both worlds and all of you reading this only get a tiny glimpse. Bye for now (: