We all have our chances to stand on mountain tops and celebrate but we also have confusing and lonely moments in dark valleys of our lives.

My most important learning today is the deeper that sorrow carves in your being, the more joy you can contain because your joy is your sorrow unmasked. I heard this in Robin Sharma's latest podcast which I've been listening to for a few years.

The greatest amongst us have been hurt the most but they know that in order to have great joy there has to be great suffering, so they embrace sorrow instead of running away from it.

I now realise that the very same people who have hurt me the most were also the most helpful to me because I now know that everyone does the best that they know how to do based on where they're at, and if they could have done better they would have done better. They operate at the level of consciousness they know, and if they were more conscious of the potential within them they would have operated at that level. This knowledge will help me to judge people less.

What great insight! Use your most difficult times to grow into the human being that you were destined to be.