It's Monday, 6 January at 2:47AM. I'm in my car, the driver's seat is reclined and it is extermely hot. One of the security guards just came to check on me just now to see if everything is fine, I told him it was and explained why I am here.

I'm living in my car, until I can afford to get an apartment. In November, Siya broke up with me and asked me to leave our apartment. I did, and lived with a friend for a few weeks. Then I spent the Christmas period in Pietermaritzburg and drove back to Johannesburg in the early hours of yesterday morning. During this time I wasn't able to get an apartment because I have no money or proof of income. And because I'm broke, I can't get any temporary reaidence either...

I decided to sleep in my car in the parking of Monte Casino. I did this for the following reasons:

  • It's safe
  • There are clean toilets
  • There's places to buy food (if I could afford to)
  • It doesn't look weird hanging around a casino at any given hour.
  • Parking is R10 and is pre-paid (I won't need to pay more each day).

It's actually not as bad as it seems, except for the heat. And I can never get more than an hour of sleep before I wake again. This is not ideal, becauae I start a new job today and I would have preferred to be quietly preparing last night and fast asleep now. Also, I stink and I don't have soap, toothpaste or deodrant. Gonna have to figure some stuff out... I can't show up at work stinking.

Oh, well. I just thought I'd do an update since I can't sleep...