It's 12 January, 2020 at 4:46PM. I'm in my apartment half-sitting, half-laying on the couch while Lady Gaga is singing poker face on YouTube and her movements fill the TV screen. If my mom was alive I wouldn't have made it to write this post, I'd be dead the moment Lady Gaga's music started playing.

In my last update, things weren't going so well. I'm happy to report that this has changed. I moved into my apartment five days ago. Work is great. And I can bath and cook again! Fuck, I don't ever want to be homeless again. It was rough, I had a litre of water in my car which I used to wash myself and some shaving cream which I tried to use as soap. I used my clothes that I was changing out of as face cloths and towels. I slept in my car at Monte Casino for two night and the security seemed to have a problem. The next night after work I slept at Rosebank Mall in my car because I didn't have money to pay for parking and nowhere to go. I kept wondering if I smell bad and if anyone noticed that I am homeless. Also, I think that there was someone else using Rosebank Mall to sleep in because the don't have a home to go to, but I'm not sure... I'll write more in depth on this some other time, this is just a quick update.

Right now I feel really good, really positive. I'm glad that everything is going well at work and I am able to contribute and will be able to contribute much more. As for home, my apartment is perfect. I always try to make home a safe space so that I can always be what I want to be and feel what I want to feel when I'm home. I have the best landlady ever, I have someone who can come clean when I need to and I'll be helping provide for her family by employing her. I can eat healthy again and exercise, I feel really good about this. I have internet so I can use it to research and get stuff done. Everything is about 90% perfect and in a few months it should be good. My problems are always financial and that's soon about to end once I take care of a few things which unfortunately will take some time. This year has started off well and I'm not sure how it will end, I have a really good feeling though.

That's about it for this update, I'll write about more important stuff soon. To those of you who messaged me after my last update, thank you so much! Thank you! Astley in particular, your message kept me as sane as possible and helped me not to give up. Thank you so much!