I hoped we’d work things out but all that is, is confusion

We would’ve been great but would’ve’s an illusion

Think I don’t understand you, I once was your age

I do things differently now, and learnt how to control my rage

We never happened, I stopped trying and God let me

‘Cause you prayed for a good man and maybe that’s not yet me

You’re going through it all now, more than a lot

Don’t stop praying, it’s usually answered just when you think He forgot

I don’t know what you heard about me or what you’ve assumed

Hear it from me it’s probably much worse and all true

I don’t hide anything, and I don’t pretend to be who I’m not

I was who I was, I am who I am whether you believe it or not

I know you’re reading this right now and you think I don’t know it

Just because I’m intuitive doesn’t mean I should show it

Don’t care about who’s smarter or who wins and looses

I’ll never compete with you, that will only cause emotional bruises

I’m receiving my karma, or maybe just some of it

It’s like the universe kept me away from you for the fun of it

I’d love to have a conversation with Your People, they know I only meant well

But I’ll never be disrespectful and try to go where they dwell

Don’t try to figure me out on your own, I’m not that easy to read

Lemme show you who I am without forcing my creed

Let’s work things out together so we can enjoy life and breathe

Whether we wanna move forward or not, I bet if we talk we’ll feel freed

I know if you make things up so don’t ever try lying

That’s not a threat, just don’t wanna embarrass you by pointing things out without spying

I remember everything and some of my friends think that’s creepy

I process it all every night when I should be sleepy

I love you more than God’s loved by a missionary

Always got your guard up ‘cause there’s very few who love you unconditionally

Fear of love seems associated with you traditionally

Only ‘cause if your inner belief that people will use you and hurt you

I shouldn’t have said what I said but I just said it

There will be many of these moments and sometimes I can’t prevent it

Will you you always attack me or correct me?

Am I allowed to correct you or are corrections reserved for you to dish out?

You say you want a family and stability but it doesn’t always seem that way

Maybe you do what you do to be cool, or as you young folks say for clout

I’m no expert but I think that if that is what you do it's more harmful to you and your craft

Wanna be relevant? Be closely connected that which is not of this world, and keep digging deeper

Did I offend you? Yes? Does it hurt? Would you feel that it hurt if you didn’t care about me? I’m just curious. I’m sorry if I offended you, I deserved to be attacked for that an I’m willing to take all the silent treatment and manipulation that comes with it. But when you come back I don’t know if I’ll be the same. Maybe you're not offended, I hope not. Fuck this, why the hell am I even writing all of this, I was supposed to write lyrics... God, you should have just let me fall in live with a regular person like everyone else... Read this and be confused, and if you recognize yourself in this... Well, I don’t know what to say or do anymore... I just don’t know. Like really, I have no clue.