Ed Bolian and his friends have the best car stories.

London Real

Brian Rose seems to know everyone worth watching and also has a great story of his own.

Sway's Universe

I love hip hop, so naturally I regularly watch Sway's channel.

Ronnie and Mel

Ronnie and Mel have a pretty cool and unusual story, I love it!

Busy Works Beats

I love how this guy teaches sound engineering and producing.

NPR Music

Love the Tiny Desk Concerts that NPR music hosts.

Doug DeMuro

If you love cars you gotta love Doug!


These dudes are awesome, love their projects. The Lambo rebuilt was my favourite.


It's shocking to see how many people are scammers but also good to know that not everyone falls for their scams.

Tipsy Bartender

I like alcohol...


These guys are probably the best in the world when it comes to detailing vehicles.

Big Family Homestead

I love their cooking videos.

Blackjack Apprenticeship

I like Blackjack because it's the only casino game you can win by using your brain.

Alpha M

I love Alpha M's videos, personality and sense of humour.

Jamie and Nikki

Jamie and Nikki are divorced now but this channel is worth a mention. I spent many hours watching their videos and viewing life from their perspective. This was actually my favorite channel of them all, it's really sad that they're no longer together.