I'm not sure if I mentioned it but this month I've only been eating vegan food. I decided to eat only raw vegan food from the first of August but I decided to start a little early.

It's 3:10AM and I just got into bed. I've just submitted my assignemt about 30 minutes ago before I chopped up some fruit for me to eat later. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna get 100% on the test I wrote yeaterday afternoon. I prefer writing tests on paper instead of online... I still have another assignment due tomorrow morning.

I am one of the people who volunteered to do technical support for our US clients so I'm currently working night shift for a while, until midnight every night and working on fixing bugs when things are quieter. During my break I made some raw vegan banana ice cream and let it freeze until I had done with work, and yes I ate some of it after midnight too. I will post pics and the recipe later since I'm on my phone now and it's easier doing that from a computer.

Working night shift isn't too bad, I find that I can focus easier when there isn't a constant stream of messages or anything else that may distract me. Also, I'm usually awake late so I haven't had to change my aleeping patterns. Yesterday ans the day before I worked a few hours extra, I would have done so today too but school... I think I'm gonna go online a bit early tomorrow because I need some help with one of the tickets, it's a really complex fix and I don't wanna do anything that may make us lose data. There haven't been many tickets on my side, that's always a good thing. I was looking through our new website a few hours ago, it looks so cool.

I haven't been writing much lately, and that's on purpose. I've been using this time to disconnect from most things and get a deeper relationship with God, and also to find new music. I've been listening to a lot of progressive house music lately. Also, I've been working on my weight loss. I'm down about 6kgs since the middle of June and I'll lose a lot now that I'm eating only raw. I feel great too, I have lots more energy. Anyway, let me get some sleep. Be kind to someone today.