It's 8:51PM and I'm laying in bed. Today is the fourth day of me being a raw vegan. I've only been eating one meal a day and snacking on fruit, or just snacking in fruit. I also drink about a litre of water everyday, sometimes more. Sometimes I have a smoothie too. I'm hardly hungry anymore and I have LOADS of energy which I never had. This feels a bit strange becuase I used to eat way more and not have any energy, makes me wonder how much junk is in "normal" food. I think that next month I will eat more fruit, I prefer raw fruit over vegetables.

I'm listening to Grinding All My Life by Nipsey Hustle. I can't sleep because I hardly get tired anymore, I guess that's a good thing. I've lost over 8kgs since the middle of June when I started trying to get healthy, it feels great. My goal is to be down 4 more kgs by the 15th of this month but I think that I will lose those 4kgs by the end of this week. I also breathe easier now and my nose isn't always blocked and full of mucus anymore. I don't even miss junk food anymore, I think that if there was something I missed it would be bread but so far I haven't wanted to eat bread.

I started weight training, mostly curling. This week I'm also gonna start building my chest and abs. Yesterday when I was brushing my teeth I noticed the shape on my chest, haven't seen that in a couple of years and I'm glad that I still have some muscle. My stomach also seems smaller and I can feel it on my waistline, my jeans sag now like how I used to wear them when I was a teenager. My scale also says that my body has more water which is great. So far the only thing I'm a little concerned about is my basal metabolic rate, it's not as high as I'd like but I guess it will end up being alright.

I also noticed that my skin is clearer and I don't get headaches as often as I used to, I could live with this forever. I haven't been drinking alcohol so if my liver was damaged in anyway it should be repaired by now. Oh, my legs! If I flex I see a bunch of differnt mucles, it looks so cool! I wonder if I will continue with a raw way of eating for a long time, or even stay vegan. I feel so much better this way, and I'm not cooking or washing dishes constently. I wonder if I will save lots of electricity by not cooking?

I wanna try to be more vascular, I should probably drink more water to achieve this. I don't really have much else to write about, I've just been hanging out at home watching old episodes of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and listening to music and stuff. I think I may also grow my beard really long like it used to be.

Whoever reads this, have an awesome week. Don't be stupid and go out if you are able to stay at home and be safe. If you're looking for some cool music you haven't hear before check out Olivia Escuyos. Wanna watch something interesting? Check out the series on Netflix about drugs. Wanna read something interesting? Read through the Futurism website. Peace.