You're very guarded. I think that whenever I offer you love you just reject me but I know you're wondering about me. You know that we can still make it happen but I wanna let it go because I want a more peaceful situation. I don't like guessing stuff. I don't like big egos. I don't like situations that aren't the very best for both parties. I know when to walk away but I haven't yet. Communicate. I can't do all the communication. Bring clear energy. Everyone needs to keep their options open but if you're not 100% honest everything ends up at square one, and people get hurt. I love myself and I don't want anyone in my life who won't love me. I've accepted everything I need to. I know that some things are just not meant for me. I know a toxic situation when I'm about to experience it. Surrender to the divine. I'm forced to grow, but I need to give up lots in order to gain what's meant for me. I'm focused on me now. Everything I'm working on will be good for me and this is all that matters to me right now. Peace.