It's the end of the week again. Seems like it went really fast again. She told me what's up and I'm grateful for that. She did it with good intentions and I'm gonna work on myself and be a better man. I need to think about my reactions and responses, but I need to think about it subconsciously, which means that I need not hold back my reactions for the sake of hurting her feelings but I need to genuinely react in a way that makes her safe even if I disagree or feel offended. I must not create any drama. This is doable, it means that I need to dig deep and figure out why I react this way and then replace the bad habits. I need to be a slave to good habits only. Nobody in my life ever told me this, I wish I had seen it in myself earlier but I'm glad that she pointed it out. I got my scale today. My weight is higher than I thought it was, yikes! I'll be creating another category tonight where I share my fitness journey. I don't have much to say other than I feel a lot better and I'm thinking about what she said and working on a permanent solution. I'm glad it's the weekend, this week was tough but I feel like I can concentrate again. Happy Friday, folks! Treat everyone around you well and be nice.