Big changes are great because they get you from your current level of life to where you want to be but I always felt that it's the little things that keep me from quitting.

Here's some of the little things I do every day/week which helps to keep me from going crazy:

  • Drinking Buchu tea - this is one of my favourites. I discovered it by accident in our local Food Lovers Market and it's just the best thing ever. If I have a headache, all I need is a cup of this tea and in a short while I feel normal again.
  • Consuming Moringa powder - I love moringa powder. I love the taste and I love all the benefits of consuming it. I often sprinkle moringa powder over my food and also make tea with it. It helps me feel energised and keeps me focused. It's also a great way to keep your body in shape.
  • Having a shower - earlier this year Siya and I went to my cousin's wedding in Pietermaritzburg. Instead of getting a hotel, I decided to get us accommodation using AirBnB which was the best decision ever. If you're ever in Pietermaritzburg and need a lovely place to stay, Kitchener cottage is the perfect spot! The shower had a head that massages you as you shower and feels like it's washing all the stress out of you. The next weekend when we were back in Jozi, I got myself a similar shower head to replace the old "normal" one. What a difference it has made, and for only a few hundred rands.
  • Cooking - my mom was the best cook ever so I grew up with really good food and around people who were skilled in the kitchen. Cooking calms me down, I love doing this after work everyday. It makes me happy, even if it's only for a short while.
  • Reading - I used to read much more when I was a kid because all I had to do was go to school and get good grades. I was a smart student and hardly did any studying so I used the remainder of the time playing sport or reading. I could read since I was four years old. My dad and grand mother had taught me how to read. I often sat in her lap on her old, green fabric La-Z-Boy positioned by the front door while she taught me new words. I think that reading has played a large part of getting me out of poverty and improving my life. I try to read as much as I can and buy myself books whenever I can afford to.
  • Hanging out at the park - The park is a great place to get out and experience nature. The environment is very calm and people are always friendly. I love hanging out there with Siya and watching people walk their dogs and kids play while we have a meal.
  • Writing - I don't write as much as I do but I enjoy writing this blog and hope that whoever reads it learns at least one thing.