Life is good. Life is bad. Life is happy. Life is sad. Life is easy. Life is hard. Life is fun. Life is boring. Life is serious. Life is half-harted. Life is clear. Life is confusing. All you need is one person. One person who loves you unconditionally. One person who believes in you no matter what. One person who trusts you always. One person who will always be able to make you laugh. One person who you can tell your secrets to. One person who will keep you out of trouble. One person who will introduce you to people. One person to give you a chance. Most of the rest you can do on your own.

Humans were never meant to do life on their own and sometimes this one person is a different person depending on which area of your life needs help. Sometimes this one person is the same for each area which is great, but this can also be really bad because human relationships don't always last or people aren't always on the best terms with each other. In my own life there's lots of things which I sometimes think I've accomplished on my own but the truth is that I didn't. If I'm 100% honest with myself (as I always should be) I have to admit that there was always at least one person who helped me, even if this person was a stranger offering words of kindness and hope. There was always one person who could make me laugh even when I thought I couldn't. There was always one person who would inspire me even when I thought I would amount to nothing. There was always one person to act as my mother when my biological mother had died (and even while she was alive). There was always one person who prayed for me. At many times there was more than one person.

I'm very lucky and blessed that I can have people in my life that have actually kept me alive even though they will never know they did, but not everyone has this privilege. Our country and the world have become such heartless people who care about nobody but themselves and as a result many people develop mental health problems and some even kill themselves. This is so fucked up. Seriously. There are people right now struggling to sleep or crying because they haven't eaten for days (I know that pain too well), others are biting onto a belt strapped around their shivering arm so they can shoot heroin into their veins. Some have a bedsheet or rope tied around their neck ready to asphyxiate but are having second thoughts, wondering if they can try just one more day and if life will get better or worse. Others are already in the emergency ward drinking charcoal water and preparing to have their stomach pumped. Sorry for the deep, dark post. I was reading an article of a bus driver in France who got beaten by passengers until he was brain dead because he asked them to wear protective masks on their faces and that made me think of all this. Humans can be so cruel. Why? Like, WTF is going on in the world? We all have the same decedents but we can't be kind to each other, mostly because of greed and hurt. I wish the world could be better. I'm gonna make it better, I don't know how but I will. I'll start by being the person for some people and then figure it out from there. I can't be the person for everyone because where values are different there is always conflict and sometimes its better to avoid that but I think there's many opportunities to still help, especially younger men. I need to show them that how we grew up was fucked up and they need to create better lives for themselves (with the help of others). I need to give hope and spread loving energy. It's so important to do this.

Enough of that for now... It's 12:48 AM. I'm sitting in bed, it's warm in here. I'm gonna go sleep just now. I need to get up for work in a few hours and we're interviewing an engineer so I need my mind to be sharp to be able to help in assessing him. It's her birthday today, yay! I hope she has the best day ever and has loads of fun. I hope God gives her every single thing she wants. I've been doing a lot of research on drugs, specifically the opium trade in South Africa from before when I was born. Lots of interesting things to read and it's also interesting how it was distributed. It seemed like back then people turned a blind eye to apartheid when there was money involved. Side note, I totally have to go to Amsterdam for my birthday next year but I don't wanna go alone. I want to experience parts of it, not all. I feel like that would be an awesome birthday gift to myself. I'm still doing a bunch or research on micro-dosing but there isn't much info. There's loads of articles but hardly any lab results...

If you've read until here, have an awesome day. If you need a person, there is always a person who can "be there" for you so don't give up. If you can be the person for someone be that person, you don't have to have all the answers but everyone wants to be heard and sometimes it's enough to listen. Young men need good men to advise them and young women need older, wiser women to show them the way. We need to stop fighting against each other, especially in South Africa. Oh, I also wanted to talk about drug abuse and how it's influenced by education and unemployment but I need to try to sleep now, I'll leave that for another day. Peace!