It's always easy for me to tell when something isn't right with my body, mind or soul. The way I notice this is when I can't accurately tell what time of the day it is. If I'm off by more than five minutes I know that something is wrong.

For the past few weeks this as been the case, but not anymore. I noticed that today every time I checked the time, it was the time I thought it was or within the five minute "tolerance". I'm glad about this because it means that I'm getting healthier again. Today I did mostly QA work. I didn't get as far as I wanted to because I kept having connectivity issues with my fibre provider and mobile networks. I figured its easier to just switch networks when this happens but over the past week its been happening too often. I think I may need to give them a call tomorrow...

I ordered more groceries today, I'm always blow away by how much better the Bottles app is at grocery deliveries than any other app. And this isn't even their core business. Their service is unmatched, and all the products come from the store which I shop at. I wonder how come all the other apps can't get this right, especially since they have been doing it for much longer.

Tonight I read about Marcus Hutchins, I knew about him but never knew the full story. A very interesting read. I used to be Logic_Bomber on one of the forums he used to be active on but I never did anything illegal and at that time I knew to little about hacking, security and programming. This was like 10-ish years ago... I'd love to meet this guy someday.

I feel happy today. I like feeling happy every day. When I'm happy I work much better and I continuously improve in every area of my life. I was looking at RFID chips and readers this evening. I wanna get some 13.56 MHz chips, it would be cool if I can turn someone's hand into a bank card. I really wanna start a bio hacking side project. It's so cheap to do, I would mostly need to spend my time coding chips. The problem is most chips, the ones I want, can only be bought overseas and can't be delivered right now. That kind sucks but it's okay, I can still try to figure out what code to write on the weekends. I'm thirsty, I'm gonna go have something to drink and then just sit and read or something before I sleep.

If you're reading this, have an awesome week. Hope that lockdown isn't being too hard on you. Lots of love.