Once again I'm unable to sleep. I wish this week could be over already... It's 10:39 PM and I'm laying in bed. It's warm in here, I'm grateful for that.

I feel a little hungry, I want something unhealthy but all I have is healthy food now. It's a bit difficult to focus on work when it's so cold. I need to get a gas heater again, but I also don't wanna keep it in the lounge because I don't like how it looks.

I've been spending lots of time this evening thinking about the present and what the future may be like. The only way I can get further in life is by focusing on the present and future instead of the past. So I'm gonna stop talking about the past, nobody else cares about my tragedy and they shouldn't. I've been learning to make beats like Ben Bhömer in my spare time, I really like his progressive style.

I made rice and beans today, its been a while since I had that and it was really good. I found out that one of my friends and his girlfriend aren't together anymore. That kinda sucks, it's not nice hearing about these things but they happen... I didn't gain much weight from my cheat meal yesterday, I'm suprised.

I don't have much to say other than what I've said. There's a lot I'm thinking about but I don't know how to put it into words that make sense. I'm just gonna watch videos until the early hours of the morning like I usually do and maybe make something to eat. I feel like my energies are much better now and I hope they stay that way. I don't know what will happen in the future, in life or love, or anything else but I hope it's only good things. I've been getting some weird notifications, I think that one of my email accounts is hacked but it's not important stuff so I'm not bothered about it. And when I do decide to look into it I'll find out what happened. I'm so over tech stuff right now, all I wanna do is be in a cabin, sitting in front of a fireplace and completely off the grid. Oneday I'm gonna build a holiday home.

Sweet dreams, people!