A collection of images of my younger years and some newer pics. I have a whole box of hundreds (maybe over a thousand) of photographs, mostly taken by my mom. These are just a few I found on my computer and phone. I'll scan the hard copies and post them sometime soon.

I was 18 years old here. I look really sleepy because I worked night shift all week. I used to work in a factory at that time operating machinery as part of the aluminium extrusion process.
This was when I was 19 years old. I'm not sure where this is, I think this was taken on a farm in Swartberg, KwaZulu-Natal.
My father and I in Uvongo, KwaZulu-Natal (one of my favourite places). I'm wearing the same clothes as in the pic above but this is a different day.
This is the first place I lived in when I moved out on my own. It was in Prestbury, Pietermaritzburg. The people who owned the property were also bikers, rode big bikes and often had their club members over so they never complained about the load noise my bike made.
The other side of the same room in the pic above. It was a bachelor pad/garden cottage (I think that's how you describe this kind of setup).
Me smiling, you don't see that often...
I was one of the groomsmen at my friend's wedding. They chose to have the suits rented and I bought the shirt at the last moment that's why it looks so weird. Formal clothes that don't fit properly look terrible.
Me just selfie-ing in my room when I still lived with my parents not long before I moved out on my own. I loved that room, it used to get such good sunlight from both sides.
Me again, in the same room, sitting on my beanbag after work trying to recharge a bit before supper and stay out of everyone's way so I don't cause any arguments...
I think I just felt like taking a pic here.
This pic makes me laugh, I took it when I came home to grab something to eat quickly between my two jobs that I worked at the time. Excuse the mess/untidiness... Yes, that's my computer with the CRT monitor in the background, in 2013...
This was my bike, a custom Yamaha Thundercat. It had a Vance and Hines exhaust (all the way from the headers) that had a very distinguished sound, almost like it was deep and high pitched screaming at the same time. When you approach a traffic light and start slowing down the sound would just echo in your helmet. Riding this bike everyday was one of the best feelings ever. I rode in all types of weather and somehow never got into an accident.
This was my Audi A3 1.8T, best car ever until I took it to the wrong mechanic. Eventually I sold it when I got my current car and lost lots of money. This was in Pietermaritzburg.
This was taken when I was 6 years old by my friends 7th birthday at Albert Falls Dam, just outside Pietermaritzburg.
This is Luyanda and I at my 16th birthday party at our home. We became friends in grade 2. One of the most humble guys I know.
Me just fooling around at home...
Checking up on the backup server in the basement at Browne, Brodie and Fourie Attorneys where I worked in Pietermaritzburg. At the time the RAID card was starting to fail so I often went down to check it out while I was waiting for the new one that I'd ordered.
Think this was taken in June, 2016 at the Dave Sheer Guns range in Bramley, Johannesburg. Shooting a Taurus PT111 Gen2 and a Glock 17 Gen3. I love Glock guns, the Glock 19 (in any generation) is just the perfect pistol.
I once founded a company in Pietermaritzburg with my friend, called Specialist Team. This is when we got B-BBEE verified. I resigned, he still runs the business today.
This is my girlfriend, Siya and I at 27 Boxes in Melville, Johannesburg. She's the most amazing soul, quite the opposite of me.
Just hanging out in my office at Browne, Brodie and Fourie Attorneys.
Hanging out at my home in Woodlands, Pietermaritzburg.
This was about 4:30am in summer, I used to love waking up early. Not so much anymore...
This is me in my office a few days after I started running my business full time last year. My beard has lots more grey hairs now and I've even got some on my head.
Getting photos taken for CVs and job applications. I once wanted to be a flight attendant, let's all laugh together!
Another bike pic.
And another.
Me laying on my bed at my home in Bryanston, Sandton. Man this place was small! I think Siya asked me for a pic so I took this.
Also me laying in bed, pondering life and stuff...
Trying to get semi-decent pics for my CV while I was applying for hundreds of jobs. Shortly after this I spent almost R500 printing CVs before I decided that I wanted to change the way it looked...
Just hanging out at home in Woodlands, bored...
Siya and I at my cousin's wedding in Pietermaritzburg earlier this year.
My mom and I at her 40th birthday party at the Durban harbour. She wanted to go for a lunch cruise around the harbour for 3 hours on The Allen Gardiner (an old but really cool wooden boat). She also wanted to pay to take 20 of her friends with and asked me to save up all the money I worked for for about a year so she could have this party. I did and it was a really lovely experience, one I'll never forget. Afterwards we all spent some time at the beach, then drove back and hung out at our place until the night.
I once worked in the online gambling industry. I wrote Excel macros to automate most my work. I was bored, so I took a selfie.
Me with my favourite person, at Lonehill Park in Lonehill, Sandton. One of my favourite places to relax and unwind.
Siya wanted me to smile because apparently I never smile in pictures so I asked her to make me laugh. sme.africa is an online platform that I helped build last year.
Siya and I off to a comedy evening and supper we were invited to in Randburg. It was to raise funds for a charity that helps underprivileged people.
Siya sitting on a rock in Lonehill Park. I'm still trying to convince her to climb up Lonehill Koppie with me.
Christmas morning a few years ago.
Hanging out in my office at Browne Brodie, doing tech stuff...
I just felt like taking a photo.
On my way to check out office space at The Campus in Bryanston before I got to work. I still rent an office at The Campus, it's a really lovely place to work from.
Siya at Castle Lite Unlocks 2019. Isn't she gorgeous?!
Siya and I at Castle Lite Unlocks 2019. Never thought I'd ever see AKA and Cassper perform on the same stage...

That's about all the pics I can find on my devices. I'll have to scan the ones worth seeing when I have more time...