No matter how great or awful my day has been, if you ask me what my favourite part of the day was the answer is always the same. My best part of the day is having a conversation with my girlfriend when she gets home.

Tonight, while we were chatting she mentioned a sad story of someone her friend knows who is going to be having a heart transplant soon. I've heard of this happening before, I'm aware of the risks and that the person and organ might not be compatible, etc. What I didn't know was that having a new heart can change a person's character and personality from what they were always like to becoming more like their organ donor.

It's always sad to hear of someone who had no choice to undergo an operation as massive as this but its also really awesome to know this fact. For someone like myself who believes in trusting my gut feeling always, this is amazing. I've always thought that the heart could be more powerful than the mind but never really bothered to research what I know.

Anyway, that's it for today. I try to learn something new everyday and hope to keep sharing.